Organic OIL


The sweet hills of Bagnoro, at the feet of Mount Lignano, the particularity of the soil, rich in schist, and the optimal microclimate create an environment which, for centuries, has been ideal for growing olive trees.

The sunrays and the soft wind caress the leaves of these trees that cover the face of the Calcinaia hill, gleam with silver reflections, framing the ancient farm’s vineyards.

This is where the extra virgin olive oil of Villa Cilnia is born.

Aromatic, savory, healthy, organic.

The olive trees are grown according to the organic system following the strictest respect of nature and guaranteeing a natural and excellent product.

Our olives are picked by hand and immediately pressed, a synthesis of the typical Tuscan cultivar, and offer a precious gift that accompanies our cuisine and brings joy to the more convivial moments with our loved ones.


(Needs nothing
to grow, than air, than sun,
than time, the olive!
Roots in the boulders, in the sky
the tiny silver leaves!
Boulders gripping, doesn’t budge
if boulders do not budge, to wind.)

Giovanni Pascoli

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