Our Philosophy

Villa Cilnia - Bagnoro Arezzo

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Our Philosophy

Villa Cilnia is authentic and uncontaminated, and promises a close contact with nature in an ancient location.

A farm dating back to the XIV century, built on the spot where in 70 B.C.E. Gaio Clinio Mecenate, the man who gave fame to the two poets Horace and Virgil was born.

Villa Cilnia offers a vacation of pure relaxation and wellness on the evocative hills of Pieve al Bagnoro, only 5 minutes from Arezzo city center. The experience is an effective antidote to the frenetic everyday life, and offers the time and space to find oneself again.


Conversion to organic

For years we have been working for the conversion to organic farming, a topic that is very dear to us. Each corner is pure nature, our vineyards, our beloved olive trees, our vegetable garden that every year produces delicacies gifted with the original flavors and aromas of long ago. Our production has changed because of its organic nature and it opens now to a new interpretation and joy for the palate. A new challenge stemmed from a great passion.


New projects in the cellars

This is a period of renewing fervor and change!

With the beginning production of the re-implanted vineyards in the last years and the change in technical management, our wines now express the qualities of a dedicated terroir with particular characteristics. The use of concrete casks, spontaneous fermentations and the reduction in the use of sulfite help create natural and eco-sustainable wines. Chianti Colli Aretini and Rosso Cignoro IGT are our flagship wines from our renewed cellars. Starting next spring there will be the first novelties: Syrah, pure and with a specific personality, more mineral and fresh compared to the other productions from the area, the new edition of the Larthi rosé – which will certainly not go unnoticed – and other “experiments” that will be offered in 2018!