Regeneration | the Agritourism for Relax


Regeneration! Are you ready to born again?

Nestled in sweet-smelling vineyards, Villa Cilnia offers the peace and quiet necessary to regenerate body and soul in  perfect harmony with nature.

3 nights in B&B

4 massages lasting 45 minutes

Water&Steam 3 accesses for 2 people

Standard Room

€ 657.00  € 564.00

Deluxe Room

€ 717.00  € 606.00 

Rates are for two people

You can choose the best message for you: anti-stress, relaxing, decontracting, sport massage!
Water&Steam Path lasts 60 minutes and can be booked from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm

Spa Path Water&Steam includes Iacuzi, Turkish Bath, Emotion-relaxing shower, Relaxing area with tea tasting. Reservation is required.

What is a Turkish bath?
Water equals health, including when it is in the form of a cloud of steam enveloping the body. In far off days this secret was discovered by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and all those Middle Eastern peoples who made the Turkish bath a philosophy of life.
The Emotion-relaxing shower acts as a tonic and profound massage, working with pressure invigorate your body and speed up the process of skin regeneration, hydration and stimulation of the circulatory system.

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